Why Do Owners Decide To Sell Their School?

Fatigue / Stress

Running a school is much more than a full-time job. Over the years the energy required to handle day-to-day challenges can be enormous.  Even when things seem to be well managed, there isn’t an endless supply of energy to deal with daily issues. We have been called many times to sell a school because the owner’s doctor has told them to sell the school in order to reduce the stress in their lives. As owners reach retirement age, it’s normal for them to think about “what’s it all for” and begin to look at other more rewarding activities and where they’ll get the financial resources needed to pursue them.



They are just tired and are ready for a change. It is common for employees to change jobs; school owners sometimes want to change the direction of their careers and switch industries. Even school owners with very profitable schools want to do something else.


Removing Financial Risk

As people age, they take fewer risks. Most financial advisers will diversify retirement accounts into stable stocks in a variety of industries to minimize the risk to retirement income. Most school owners have a major part of their net worth tied up in their school. The value of the school could be destroyed if something happens to their key employees, the economy, government regulations change, new competition emerges or hundreds of other things happen. Savvy school owners will sell the school when the school is performing well.


Economic Uncertainty

If a school owner has been in business for more than 5 years, they know the economy runs in cycles. There is typically a recession every 5 years. It stands to reason there will be another economic slowdown in the next few years. Many owners realize the best time to sell is when the school and the economy are trending up. The next recession could be worse than the last one due to mounting government debt and the growing lack of consumer confidence.


Physical Health

Schools are not run by machines – they’re run by people. We have seen too many families no longer able to enjoy the lifestyle their loved one provided due to the owner’s untimely exit or major disability. If you are not ready to sell your school now please prepare a contingency plan to protect your family.


The biggest mistake school owners make is waiting too long to sell their school. The best time to sell is when the owners and the schools are both doing well.

Do not be an owner that receives nothing for all of their hard work!

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