Selling a School

Selling your school is a crucial financial event in your life as owner, which is why you need a business broker you can trust. Guided by integrity and professionalism, our brokers are seasoned and ready to help you.


Increased Chances of a Successful Sale
As our client, you will receive the highest level of attention and commitment until the sale of your school is complete. We will be right beside you for every step of the transaction process, from evaluating your school until the day you hand over the keys to a new owner.


Trained Professionals Who Understand Your Business
Our brokers bring more than just extensive experience in business sales to the table: they have direct industry experience in childcare. Some of our brokers have owned and operated centers just like yours. We know the process of selling a school from the inside. We have over 40 years of experience in school sales! Our brokers hold a number of prestigious professional certifications that include Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI), Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), and Board Certified Broker (BCB) from the M&A Source, International Business Brokers Association, Texas Association of Business Brokers, as well as Licensed Real Estate designations.


We understand that each and every school is unique. We use a blend of industry know-how and professional business sales experience to really get to know you and your school. We use all of this knowledge to position your school in the marketplace for maximum value.


We will market your school in such a way that maximizes confidentiality and minimizes exposure to customers, employees, suppliers, and competitors. Rest assured that anyone looking over proprietary information about your school will have signed a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Access to Multiple Buyers
Upon engaging Gateway School Sales, we will immediately leverage our database of thousands of buyers comprised of individuals, corporations, and investment groups actively searching for schools just like yours. We continually attract new buyers and maintain contact with existing ones that are financially and operationally capable of purchasing a school, childcare business or other academic related business.


Market to Multiple Buyer Types
We make use of a wide variety of marketing tools to present your school to the right buyers. From direct contact with target companies and high net worth individuals, networking with other professionals, online advertising, direct mail and email campaigns, and more. We make a strong effort to attract multiple buyers through these various channels in order to create a competitive purchasing environment for your school.


Business Valuation

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Road Map to a Success

Keeping in mind that success is the transfer of ownership of a school to a new owner, the road to success may be different for each party but the new doors open post closing.  Let a Gateway School Sales expert ...

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How to Sell

Determine Value Understand valuation techniques Obtain Broker Opinion of Value and/or Engage third-party valuation firm Determine asking price Engage Gateway School Sales Meet and discuss objectives Discuss market and buyer expectations Execute Gateway School Sales representation agreements Build Marketing Pack ...

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Build a Team

When you are selling a business it is not the time to fly solo. It is often one of the most significant financial events you will ever experience. You need to develop a team of professionals to assist you through ...

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Develop an Exit Plan

As you begin to think about selling your school, developing an exit plan is a crucial initial step. In order to get the best price for your childcare business, you must ask yourself four questions:  What is the current value ...

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