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Make your Summer Program Shine!
Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Summer programs are important for the student and families within your school but also for your school. Summer programs can bring in a large portion of a school’s revenue for the year. The only problem that many schools face is the cost to implement summer programs that will attract both parents and students. However, we are fortunate enough to live in an area that offers many things to do inside and outside for a small price or sometimes even free. Here are some low cost summer activities to make your summer program shine.


Cinemark Plano Movies 10
Movie tickets are always $1.25
Klyde Warren Park
Always Free!!
Public Library Programs
Most cities offer free events through the public libraries. A good option is the Dallas Public Library.
Whole Foods Story Time
Whole Foods does a story time every Tuesday at 10am.
This is appropriate for children ages 2-5.
Dallas Museum of Art
Always free!!
US Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Always free!!
Frisco Fire Safety Town
Free tours and fire safety education


Don’t Wait!

A successful summer program can mean more revenue, it can attract more students to your school which ultimately results in a higher selling price for you when you go to sell. When the time comes, contact Gateway School Sales.  You will have experts on your side when selling your school.

Investing in Your School’s Financial Longevity
Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Summer programs are an important factor to consider when contemplating how to build enrollment and revenue for your school. It is not possible to operate a successful school without a financially strong and stable backing. While the weather outside is still cold, the competition for summer programs is heating up. Here are some marketing tips to set your school apart so that your summer program can shine.


Do you have windows that face a road or sidewalk? Paint your windows! This is such a simple way to attract much wanted attention. Colorful signs and banners that also incorporate a picture or two of your summer program are a great way to get both parents and students attention as they are driving or walking by. Also, sending letters and brochures home with students is a great way to communicate with parents and increase enrollment.


Offer an early bird discount to increase summer enrollment and revenue early on. Doing so, will help ensure more students attend summer programs thus increasing cash flow in your school. Furthermore, offering an early bird discount gives you time to plan ahead because you will be able to gauge the amount of children attending. Offer a referral discount. Giving one family 20% discount on a summer program could end up creating $200 extra in tuition when they refer another family to sign up for the summer program. Who knows? Maybe they will continue as a year round student as well!


You may be wondering what you will gain by doing these three simple tasks. You will increase enrollment, increase revenue, and increase the value of your school. Which means when you go to sell, your school will sell for a higher price. When that time arises, we will be there to secure the successful sale of your school.


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