Preparing Your School For A Sale

We are in a number of preschools almost every week, and it is astounding how much of a difference there can be from one school to the next. Preparing your school for the market means checking off all the boxes. Some schools are cluttered, unorganized, and require cleaning. Sometimes the building is in dire need of repair or in need of paint.


Parents making a checklist on how to improve the school

A few years ago, we received a phone call from an owner interested in selling her school, so we set up a meeting on site. As soon as we walked through the door, a distinct, musty odor greeted us. It was otherwise a nice school in an older neighborhood. We completed all the paperwork and she asked if there was anything she could do to help with selling the school. So, of course, we mentioned the odor. Immediately she became offended and insisted that her school did not have an odor. Luckily, her husband was there and agreed that he could smell it also.


The next day, she asked all the parents when they came in through the door if they could smell anything. Everyone agreed that they could smell the odor. The owner had worked in that school for 30 years and grew accustomed to the smell. She called later that afternoon and apologized. There is no way of knowing how many parents did not enroll their students in that school because of the odor.


The Solution & The Impact

Teachers collaborating and writing notes on sheets of papers to further improve the school

One of the best tools a school owner can use to eliminate issues like these is to create a checklist. Each month or quarter, give the checklist to one of the parents to inspect the school for areas of improvement. Most schools using checklists like these will compensate the parent with a gift card for their time and efforts. Plus, it normally takes 15 to 20 minutes for them to walk through the school. These little things are easy to overlook and may be the determining factor when parents decide to enroll or not. It will also make a difference in preparing your school for sale when potential buyers see how well-organized and well-ran the school is.


Using a checklist to improve all aspects of your school is an organized way to help you stay focused. Seeking professional consultation? Let the industry experts at Gateway School Sales help you. Give us a call today (972) 267-9003.


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