How To Run A Successful School

It is interesting to see some school owners struggle to run a single location, when other school owners are running multiple locations and make it look easy. What is the difference between these two business owners? The key in how to run a successful school is having policies and procedures in place for everything that goes on in the school. Policies and procedures define a systematic approach to standardizing protocols and expectations for your staff, parents, and students. You must train them to follow the policies in place.



A Star Owner Example

An owner of one of the best schools we ever had the privilege to work with previously worked for one of the big corporate consulting firms. She ran the school just like she trained the executives in her consulting career. Each employee had a policies and procedures handbook in their classroom that outlined in detail all the responsibilities that they were expected to perform. The owner trained the employees to always refer back to the handbook. If her school ever got cited from licensing, she immediately went back to the handbook to make any necessary updates. This is a prime example of how to run a successful school.



A good policies and procedures handbook along with the training of your employees will make your job as the owner much easier. Additionally, it will also make your school much more marketable. Implement proper protocols and guidelines for all types of situations, including but not limited to:
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  • Professional code of ethics
  • Emergency and hazardous conditions
  • Curriculum guidelines and school calendar
  • Safe transportation protocols
  • Student conduct management


Running a school is no easy feat. It takes years of training to grow your employees into an experienced and knowledgeable staff. With the implementation of a policies and procedures handbook, you can transform your school into a highly marketable and valuable asset later down the line. Think you may be ready to sell your school? Gateway School Sales is an expert team of experienced business brokers and childcare specialists who know the industry inside out.


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