Texas Preschools are Thriving in the Current Seller’s Market

Texas preschool children playing with blocks in the classroomOver the last couple months, we have been experiencing the highest buyer demand in the childcare industry. Interestingly so, there are many collaborative factors for this increase in demand during the COVID pandemic. For one, we are located in Texas and the state mandates never shut down preschools completely. Texas preschools were able to operate and maintain profitability, in most cases. In contrast, other states mandated preschools to shut down completely with stricter remote work requirements. This severely damaged the preschool industry in those states.



An Economic Catalyst to a Unique Market

Texas preschool market on the rise, Texas graphic with arrows indicating high demand for Texas preschools

As a result, the Federal government stepped in and made relief funding available not only for states that were severely impacted because of COVID regulations, but also to Texas preschools. This has created a unique market. We have several buyers from New York and California (states with strict COVID lockdown restrictions) that are actively buying up all of the preschools that we have available for them to purchase. We have one group, based out of New York, that is in the process of trying to buy 10 schools by the end of the year here in North Texas.


If you have any interest in selling your school, now would be a great time to sell your school. Leverage our knowledge and experience in the childcare industry to help keep your school profitable and ready to sell. Call Gateway School Sales now at (972) 267-9003 to help you navigate the process of selling your school.



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